The Teacher's Magazine N° 161

Abril 2018

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This month, The Teacher’s Magazine brings along great ideas to work on road safety. The story Stop, Look and Listen! can be used as a starting point to deal with the topic.

There are lots of ideas to work with George and the Dragon and a poem by Shel Silverstein is presented for Arbour Day along with ideas for the class.

You will also find a poster and activities to work with Places in Town.

A new story is presented about the myth of Daedalus and Icarus, with activities for
young and very young learners.

In our Phonics for Kids section, a new sound is introduced with a comic strip called
There’s the Bird!

Propuestas exclusivas para docentes de Inglés.

The Teacher's Magazine es una publicación mensual ideada para docentes de Inglés como Lengua Extranjera o Segunda Lengua, que buscan material didáctico creativo para dinamizar sus clases. Una revista indispensable a la hora de desarrollar contenidos.
La revista ideal para los docentes de inglés que eligen trabajar eficazmente con alumnos de todos los niveles y edades.

Specially designed for English teachers.

The Teacher's Magazine is a monthly issue specially designed for teachers of English as Foreign or Second Language. It provides creative ready-to-go materials to make their classes more active and appealing to students.
The ideal magazine for English teachers that choose to work effectively with students of all levels and ages and an asset at the moment of developing contents.