Play and Learn N° 1

Octubre 2016

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  • Detailed syllabus
  • Let’s Get Ready: ideas for the new school year, includes welcome and assistant cards.
  • All About Me: a unit to talk about oneself and one’s family.
  • Apples: a unit with a story to work on describing and counting apples.
  • In a Safari: a unit to work on and describe wild animals.
  • Bugs: a unit in which this topic is dealt with.
  • Health: a unit to work on parts of the body and illnesses.
  • Party Time: a unit to practise vocabulary already learnt.
  • Transport: a unit in which this topic is worked on.
  • Life In The Coral Reef: a unit to talk about pollution.
  • End-Of-The-Year Play: Danger In The Coral Reef.
  • Evaluation: How to evaluate very young learners.

Play and Learn Thematic Units is an ebook full of ideas, teacher's instructions, songs, rhymes, stories and printables suitable for children ages 3-6.
The themes are thought to be included in any syllabus; you can follow them in any order or choose the most suitable ones for your class. You will find these thematic units cater for a wide variety of students' learning styles and skills.
Although these activities were originally designed for kindergarten classrooms, they can be, or have already been, easily adapted to meet the needs of pre-school or primary classrooms as well.
The thematic units contained in this ebook have been published in The Teacher's Magazine in 2004/2005.