The Teacher's Magazine nr 104

Lipiec 2018

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This month, The Teacher’s Magazine brings plenty of ideas to work with clothes. There is a Project on Clothes for Kindergarten, a poster and ideas to work with it, photocopiable activities, and a story, The Emperor’s New Clothes.

There is a lesson plan on Travelling, to teach or revise means of transport and safety when travelling.

For young learners, there is a lesson plan on Desert Animals, and some pictures to encourage children to describe different types of deserts.

As usual, our Phonics for Kids section deals with new sounds, with a story called Football Victors!

We hope you find this issue helpful.

Specially designed for English teachers.

The Teacher's Magazine is a monthly issue specially designed for teachers of English as Foreign or Second Language. It provides creative ready-to-go materials to make their classes more active and appealing to students.
The ideal magazine for English teachers that choose to work effectively with students of all levels and ages and an asset at the moment of developing contents.