The Teacher's Magazine nr 110

Kwiecień 2019 (Wydanie dwumiesięczne)

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In this issue, you will find lots of activities for April and May. First of all, on poster 1 there is a well-known story: The Pied Piper of Hamelin, with ideas to work with it as well as photocopiable activities for young learners and very young learners.

Underground and burrowing animals are found in posters 2 and 3, and a lesson plan with accompanying activities. There is also a teaching sequence to work on green frogs.

You will find cards to commemorate Easter, Worker’s Day and Mother’s Day and other special dates. For Earth’s Day, there are activities to do in class.

As usual, Phonics for Kids introduces a new sound with Rory and Rick, two kids who love roaming around. There is also a board game to revise vocabulary while having fun.

Specially designed for English teachers.

The Teacher's Magazine is a monthly issue specially designed for teachers of English as Foreign or Second Language. It provides creative ready-to-go materials to make their classes more active and appealing to students.
The ideal magazine for English teachers that choose to work effectively with students of all levels and ages and an asset at the moment of developing contents.