Singing Songs N° 2

Agosto 2001

Singing Songs N° 2
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Singing Songs 2, presents songs designed for English teachers working with kindergarten and primary school students. Includes 12 songs and their karaoke versions for students to sing along.

List of songs:

1. My little hands
2. Listen and touch
3. Little boy
4. What's the time?
5. Let's visit grandma
6. There's an ant on a stick
7. Mr Klaus's house
8. The scarecrow's clothes
9. When I grow up
10. Books
11. Let's choose life!
12. See you next year

Singing Songs presents songs designed for the teaching of English to kindergarten and primary school students. The songs are the result of the experience of EFL and Music teachers and they can be used to develop language skills, as well as to deal with attitudinal and cross-curricular contents.