The Teacher's Magazine Nº 63
We are very happy to bring you another edition of our magazine, and share with you plenty of materials especially designed to help you make your classes appealing and save time and energy.
Flick quickly through it and find enough flashcards, pictures, games and activities to surprise your students, as well as practical tips, information and articles for your professional development.

Page 3: Editorial. Contents
Pages 4 to 7: Kindergarten project: Transport.
Page 7: Mr Traffic Lights.
Page 8: John and Catanlil’s adventures. Suggested activities.
Pages 9, 10: John and Catanlil’s adventures in Japan.
Pages 11 to 18: Photocopiable activities.
Page 19: The English consonant sounds. A game on phrasal verbs.
Pages 20, 21: Body language and cultural gestures.
Pages 22, 23: Krashen’s Natural Approach: Classroom applications.
Page 24: The internet in the EFL classroom: Advantages and Disadvantages of ELT websites.
Page 25: I did it and it worked!
Page 26: Guía en español.

Poster 1: Body Language
Poster 2: The English consonant sounds. Mr Traffic Lights (characters).
Poster 3: A game on phrasal verbs.