The Teacher's Magazine Nº 65
This edition includes special activities for the last period of classes, aimed at those teachers whose school cycle coincides with the last months of the year, and which can be used by other colleagues as they get to the end of their own school cycle. Revision and assessment activities have been included, as well as others which bring the festive spirit of Christmas closer. This same spirit is the focus of the Kindergarten project, conceived for young learners but easily adaptable for older, more advanced groups.
Picture cards which ease our task of evaluating students’ production, a revision of some grammar topics and games based on this year’s phonological contents fill this issue’s photocopiable pages.
The last episode of John and Catanlil’s cartoon comes hand in hand with a game to entertain students while they look back on the contents of the episodes.

Poster 1
Picture cards for oral or written assessment activities.

Poster 2
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Poster 3
John Rockland and Catanlil’s board game.