The Teacher's Magazine Nº 215
Agosto 2018
US$ 2 50
August brings along dragons, trolls, mermaids, witches and many other imaginary creatures. In this issue, you will find lesson plans and activities to transform your class into fairyland.
For very young learners, The Little Mermaid is presented with activities to help children work on fine motor skills and help Little Mermaid to communicate with the prince.
Exploring Fairyland is a story that you will find on poster 2, with activities for young learners that include describing their favourite creation. Also, My Pet Dragon brings a poem to work on in class.
For teenagers, a new unit on the topic of Genre Education is presented:Gender Roles and Gender Identity.
As usual, our section Phonics for Kids presents activities and a board game called Fast Cars to practise a new sound.
Last but not least, there are two ICT concepts to take to our classes: Word Clouds and Transmedia Storytelling.