The Teacher's Magazine Nº 219
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The holiday season is coming upon us, and The Teacher’s Magazine brings lots of activities for the days before Christmas. You will find a Manger and a Santa in one of the posters and photocopiable activities to work with in class. For older students, there is a Christmas Worksheet and a text on town that claim to have the “official” Santa’s post office.
For very young learners and young learners you will find a unit on Farm Animals.
You can use it with the manger or on its own.
In the Phonics for Kids section, a new sound is introduced with a story called Ahoy Boy to turn into a puppet show.
For young learners and teenagers, there is a lesson plan on travelling by plane, to teach vocabulary and grammar related to the topic and safety rules.
The end of the school year is coming to an end and it is Time for a Balance, for students to self-evaluate their learning.
Starting next February, The Teacher’s Magazine will come to your Newsagent’s every two months. Mark it in your calendar!
Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year to you and your students. Have great holidays and see you in February.