The Teacher's Magazine Nº 220
US$ 2 50
Welcome to a new school year! In this issue, you will find lots of ideas for the first days at school and kindergarten.

There are tips for English teachers who will work in kindergarten for the first time, and also tips for novice teachers. You will also find ideas to use the interactive board to enhance your classes.

There are activities to commemorate 24th March learning about Forbidden Books, and to work with Poetry Day.

In our Phonics for Kids section, a story called Where’s the Bear? is used to practise the diphthong /eə/.

In “Material Complementario”, downloadable for free from our website, you will find syllabi from Kindergarten to Secondary school. You will also find there the pictures for the story Sleeping Beauty.

There are several posters to decorate and use in class, including a weather chart, actions we do in class, a birthday calendar and a welcome banner.

From this issue on, The Teacher’s Magazine will come to your Newsagents’ every two months. Mark it in your calendar!