The Teacher's Magazine Nº 221
Abril 2019
US$ 2 50
In this issue, you will find lots of activities for April and May. First of all, on poster 1 there is a well-known story: The Pied Piper of Hamelin, with ideas to work with it as well as photocopiable activities for young learners and very young learners.
A Daily Plan and Kindergarten Assessment Rubrics are found to help you with your classes. There are also tips to work with The Four Macroskills.
To get ready for Animal’s Day, you will find lesson plans and activities to work with Green Frogs, Animal Classification and Smells, Sounds and Shapes in Animal World for different levels and ages.
As usual, Phonics for Kids introduces a new sound with a poem called Here’s Ian. You will also find a Project on Shakespeare for primary school learners, and activities for Earth Day.