The Teacher's Magazine Nº 139
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This issue is all about the season of transformations: spring. We are welcoming it with many activities to celebrate the changes nature offers as this new cycle starts. Transformation in nature invites us to transform our lives, too. Scents, colours and new sounds appeal to our senses and make us become more active, so it is a great time to explore and go along with nature doing gardening chores and learning about them. You will find plenty of hands-on activities that will actively involve your students in making gardens look better.
Teachers will be honoured on their day with a bouquet of flowers made by the students who will also redecorate their classrooms according to the new season.
You will also be able to enjoy the second part of Emotion and Cognition and a very interesting experience from a colleague, which you will find particularly inspiring.
We hope you enjoy this edition as much as we did bringing it to you and we invite you all to share your own experiences with us. We will be glad to include them in our next issues!