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Welcome to a new school year. This month, The Teacher’s Magazine brings along plenty of materials especially designed to make your EFL classes appealing and help you save time and energy.

To aid you with the planning for your lessons, you will find ideas on some units to work throughout the year as well as a starting unit called At School to teach or revise greetings,  school objects, colours, numbers and actions.

There is also a template for a Kindergarten Daily Plan.

Poster 1 displays a map of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Some iconic places are found on a downloadable page to include on the map if you want to.

Snow White is the story on poster 2 with resources for very young learners and young learners. Searching for the dwarves, matching words and pictures are some of the activities for kids.

Halloween is coming, and you will find some ideas to decorate the classroom and to plan classes around the topic.

You will find a Calendar for the Class to assemble on poster 3 and on page 31. In our next issue, the missing months of the year and weather pictures will be presented.

As usual, the Phonics for Kids section presents guided steps to introduce another sound in Where’s the Wizard?
Poster 1: The UK Map
Poster 2: Snow White
Poster 3: Classroom Calendar