The Teacher's Magazine Nº 154
Welcome to the first issue of The Teacher’s Magazine’s 15th year! We want to celebrate it by presenting you with a variety of resources to ease your daily task.
Eight attractive flashcards representing action verbs are the first in a special series to help you introduce new vocabulary to young learners at kindergarten or primary level. A simple and practical calendar will stimulate students to talk about dates and learn the names of the months and days with little effort. An interactive poster will help them become confident when using classroom language. The first part of a story presenting phrasal verbs in context will help more advanced students remember their meaning more effectively. These activities and many more are available for you and ready to go.
You also have your share for your professional development and tips to make your classes more effective in some insightful articles: Let drama enter your classroom, Classroom discipline, Helping to learn and The right to be linguistically different.
We hope you have a great year!