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This month, The Teacher's Magazine goes healthy with lesson plans and activities on Nutrition.
You will find a story called The Preference Race, in which a child has to choose between an apple and a chocolate bar. There is also a thematic unit called Nutrition with lots of activities to work on the topic.
There are great ideas to work with numbers and colours using different games, and you'll also find how to deal with transition times in your class.
There is a lesson plan on The Ant and The Cicada, an Aesop's fable, to practise vocabulary and introduce present continuous. You will also find a story called The Enchanted Farm in which animals help a fairy run a farm. As part of this story, there is a memory game on food which you can use on its own.
Last but not least, in the section Phonics for Kids, a new sound is introduced by means of a limerick.
We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we do.