The Teacher's Magazine Nº 199
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This month, The Teacher’s Magazine brings along lesson plans included in the annual syllabuses presented in our last issue.
For Very Young Learners and Young Learners, you will find lesson plans on weather. As usual, you will find in the poster the prompts to tell a story to be performed. What a Day! is a play with lots of activities including a domino for students to colour and play. Around the same topic, weather, there is a lesson plan to present vocabulary through videos and to link weather to clothes.
For Young Learners, there are activities on months and seasons as well as a lesson plan for students to introduce themselves and state their favourite things.
We start a new section about painters, and the first one we are going to work with is Klimt and his gorgeous paintings of women, just in case you want to celebrate Women’s Day in your class.
You will also find a downloadable page with all the links available in the articles published in this issue. In this way, you will have the URL at a click of the mouse, so as not to copy them on your browser.
Getting ready for April, there is a lesson plan on Malvinas Islands, in which vocabulary is introduced to talk about the history of the Islands and past simple is practised.
Last but not least there is an article on Digital Ice-breakers to use in our classrooms.
I hope you love this issue as much as we do.