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This month, The Teacher's Magazine brings along three stories with accompanying lesson plans. For very young learners, The Adventures of Grandpa and Me will help you explore the literary device ''mise en abyme'' and carry out different activities to foster learning in a meaningful way.
The traditional story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, displayed on a beautiful poster comes along with tasks to order, develop fine motor skills, count and sequence. The Giant Turnip is another classic that will allow for different fun and engaging activities for very young learners.
For older students, the calchaquí legend How Birds Got Colourful Feathers enables reading comprehension and vocabulary activities.
In the Phonics section, a new sound is introduced with the help of a sweet story, The Cute Zoo, which also allows to revise animals.
Poster 3, At the Beach, triggers different activities ideal to carry out in preparation for the forthcoming holidays.
You will also find a downloadable page with all the links available in the articles published in this issue. In this way, you will have the URL at a click of the mouse, so as not to copy them on your browser.
And let's not forget to play! In this issue you will find a lot of games that you may play with your young and very young learners.
We hope you find this issue as useful as we do!