The Teacher's Magazine Nº 202
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This month, The Teacher’s Magazine brings along stories and lesson plans for all ages and levels around the topic environment.
For very young learners, there is a lesson plan –and a poster- on wild animlas. The story I Am (Not) a Lonely Tree, is designed to bring the issue of the environment to our classes and to discuss deforestation.
Preserve Me! is a lesson plan for teenagers, in which students have to design a campaign to preserve an area or a species in their community.
There is the second part of Let’s Explore Wonderland and also the second part of Video Creation in the ELF classroom.
In our website, , there is a pdf file with all the links mentioned in this issue. You will also find downloadable material, including page 13 from our issue 149.
Last but not least, you will find a lesson plan to celebrate winter in our class and to work with Flag Day.
We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we do.