The Teacher's Magazine Nº 100
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The Teacher’s Magazine celebrates its 100th issue, and we want it to be really special. So we have decided to put the English language, our teaching’s subject matter, as its main focus. Let’s take a fantastic journey through time from its beginnings as a Germanic tribal language of the Indo European family up to its current position as the language of international communication and a leader in all fields possible: the media, music, science and technology, business, sports, information technology. Its amazing flexibility to adapt and to adopt new words and its quick expansion have made it the second most spoken language -after Mandarinand the first foreign language taught in the world today.
Let’s appreciate its linguistic varieties, learn something about its morphology and know about its amazing historical development together. Surely, the background information contained in these pages will show in your teaching as you enrich your lesson plans with it.
This hundredth issue also presents it “A hundred teaching tips” that you, either a new or
experienced teacher, will love to have near at hand when preparing your classes. In addition, a special gift which most of you have often asked for: a re-edition of songs from
Singing Songs 1 and 2, this time accompanied with recorded and printed activities.
Finally, we would like to express our deepest gratitude for your loyalty and permanent support during all these almost ten years and to affirm our genuine commitment to keep on working hard to meet your teaching needs.

Poster 1: The surprising non-stop journey of the English language.
Side B: Singing Songs.
Poster 2: Side A: ABC cards from A to O.