The Teacher's Magazine Nº 204
Agosto 2017
US$ 2 50
This month, The Teacher’s Magazine brings a lot of topics. You will find the well-known story Little Red Riding Hood with activities for very young and young learners.
Also for young learners, there are two lesson plans on Healthy Food, for different ages and levels of English, including a board game. For pre-teens and teenagers, you will find in the section Working with Short Films two videos on sports.
For teenagers, there is a lesson plan on Health and Aztec Language Games with activities, including breaking a code and writing a story. Besides there is a game on sports to practise yes/no questions.
You will also find a project on Slavery and Human Trafficking. This month, we commemorate the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition, and this project will bring the topic into the class.
Last, but not least, a lesson plan on San Martín’s Day and how to prepare presents for Children’s Day will come in handy when organising your classes.
We hope you find this issue as useful as we do.