The Teacher's Magazine Nº 205
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This month, The Teacher’s Magazine brings along lots of activities for all levels and ages.
For young and very young learners, you will find the fable The Ant and the Dove with ideas and photocopiable pages to work in class. There are also activities on the poster of parts of the house, as well as a lesson plan for young learners to practise prepositions by telling where a hamster is hidden.
For teenagers, there are lesson plans to work with three different indigenous peoples: Wichi, Mapuche and Andean communities. According to your students´ level of English, you may use one, or the three, in your planning.
You will encounter a new section, called Phonics for Kids, in which you will find step-by-step instructions to develop phonemic awareness in children learning to read in English. The aim is to teach students correspondences between sounds and spelling patterns. In this issue, a short rhyme is presented to introduce the sound /i/.
Thanks to all who completed the survey at Your answers will help us present you with the material needed for your classes.
We hope you make the most of this issue.