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We are very pleased to welcome you back from the summer and feel very enthusiastic about starting a new school year.
To help you plan your Kindergarten lessons, you will find a syllabus which can also be adapted to pre-school and first form students.
There are three posters in this issue: one with pictures to tell the fable of The Ant and the Dove, another one with flash cards to teach School Objects and the last one with a banner for the classroom to welcome students plus vocabulary cards on Autumn. Lesson plans and activities to work with each poster can be found in the magazine as well.
A new sound is introduced in the Phonics for Kids section and tips for a good Classroom Atmosphere are presented.
We also want to thank all of you who completed our survey. Your answers will help us improve The Teacher’s Magazine. If you were unable to do it before, the deadline is 30th September.
Last but not least, you will find a downloadable page with all the links available in the articles published  in this issue. In this way, you will have the URL at the click of the mouse, so as not to copy them in your browser.
We hope you find this issue a good start and wish you an excellent year.