The Teacher's Magazine Nº 162
This month we have made animal rights one of the main issues.  Based on the belief that there are two different groups of animals -the animals with whom we live at home and everyone else- we use and exploit animals in many ways such as experimentation, factory farming, fur, hunting, entertainment.  In all cases, animal suffering is unnecessary and cannot be justified. Recent studies have shown that members of the animal kingdom exhibit some of the signs of intelligence usually attributed only to humans, and they have the ability to suffer, feel pleasure and sadness, excitement and resentment, fear and pain. Perhaps it is time we thought that all animals have a right to be free from human use and exploitation. The materials in this edition may help you work in this direction.
Young learners will have their spooky Halloween masks to scare their friends, while older students will find conditional sentences can be the protagonists of activities connected to Halloween superstitions and to other popular superstitions around the world.
We hope you enjoy Global Culture Corner, a new section of the magazine, as well as the other articles shared by colleagues and included in this edition.