The Teacher's Magazine Nº 207
Noviembre 2017
US$ 2 50
This month, The Teacher’s Magazine brings along lots of ideas to enhance your classes. The Tortoise and the Hare is a well-known fable that you will find on poster 1 as well as an accompanying lesson plan, with lots of photocopiable activities.
There is a CLIL Lesson Plan on animals called Reptiles, Birds and Fish with activities for very young learners and young learners. On our next issue, you will find the second part of this CLIL lesson.
In our Phonics for Kids section, the sound /e/ is practised through a rhyme called Ten Hens.
A new section called British and American Folk is presented, and in this issue, hanksgiving is the festival to deal with.
For teenagers, you will find a Mapuche legend called The Jaguar and the Spider, as well as the section working with short films.
We hope you make the most of this issue.