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This month, The Teacher’s Magazine is presenting an animated story: Hansel and Gretel. Following the link,, you will access the video to enjoy in your classes. As always, there is an accompanying lesson plan and a poster to retell the story.
Continuing with our CLIL lessons, you will find two plans in this issue. The first one is about Penguins, in which children compare and contrast different species, read about Emperor penguins and do comprehension activites. For younger learners, there are counting activities and others to practise higher order thinking skills. In What Do Animals Eat?, language and science objectives are presented for young learners.
On 27th February, we celebrate Polar Bears Day. You will find some ideas to work on the topic and to compare two species of bears.
A new sound is introduced in our Phonics section with a song called Here is Ian!
Last but not least, there are Seven Brain-friendly Concepts and Ideas for your Classes.